The POSH Story

My business in God's sight is to spread the Gospel any way that I can, and to allow the gifts passed from my Mom to me to continue to flourish.   Mom was always busy either working the 9-5 or working her many talents in crafting, cooking or decorating for entertainment purposes.  She never said no, she never met a stranger, and she was NEVER weak!  One thing that she did not do was to compromise who she was in Christ!  She dressed, spoke and carried herself as a strong woman should.  She raised her girls to be the same.

My t-shirt brand is built on being transparent and also telling women that I AM POSH (Powerful Original Strong Holy).  We don't have to look like the world to live in it!  Image is a stronghold for so many, and my brand will speak to our beauty, our strength, and our faith, no matter what we look like on the outside be it color, size or financial status.  This is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle!

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The POSH Team